Pet Portraits

Share the story and personality of your pet through art.

Jennifer Lauren Studio's custom pet portraits captures the unique spirit of your beloved pet, preserving their essence with each brushstroke. Our watercolor portraits evoke a sense of refined beauty and celebrate the extraordinary bond you share with your furry friend.

How to commission yours:

1. Order and make a deposit

Place your order.

2. Email me a picture of your pet

Email a a picture of your pet to that is clear, well-lit, and shows a high level of detail. I will contact you after receiving your order to discuss the details and answer any of your questions.

3. Wait then review

I will notify you once your portrait is ready and send you a picture. At this time you'll have a chance to make any changes. Please keep in mind I won't be able to accommodate all requests, but I'll do my best!

4. Receive your artwork

Your artwork will carefully be packaged and shipped with tracking information. Frame, hang, and enjoy!

  • Annie W:

    "Thank you so much! My friends are going to love these portraits! and you really captured their personalities!"

  • Dana R:

    "Jen thank you for this beautiful memorial to my sweet angel"

  • Gina R:

    "I'm so excited! It looks just like her. Thank you so much @jenfried. You are so talented!"

  • Susana N:

    "We couldn't be more in love with our Gus now that we have him from you. You truly helped make this keepsake an easy reality"

  • Jade B:

    "Incredible watercolor painting of our Coda"

  • Linda and Bob D:

    "Jen, we love the portrait of Kayla and so do our friends. You are talented and we're glad to have met you. Cheers."


Capturing Tails and Whiskers

In the world of art, unexpected journeys often lead to the most wonderful destinations. This is the tale of how a heartfelt request for a pet portrait brought me immense joy and led me to share it with others.

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