Currently residing in Newport Beach, CA, I am a southern California born and raised contemporary artist that celebrates travel, people, and escapism. For this collection, I document my trips through my own lens, which is then translated to paper with paintbrush. I am interested in capturing and recreating the weightlessness felt while on vacation. All aspects of daily life are dissolved in sunlight and vibrant colors. On vacation I live in the moment, and with watercolor, I capture the landscape and quiet moments of others as they too exhale and leave life behind.

The origin of my current collection was inspired by my grandmother who lived in Palm Springs. Driving down Highway 111 when the windmills came into view and the warm mountain air touched your skin, all else was lost in the world. Visiting my Grandma, (or my Bubby as I called her) growing up meant summertime and visits to the desert. As she grew older and eventually passed, Palm Springs still lived on and evolved into a larger place. It continues to be a place of escapism for me, and for many others. I continue to expand on this idea of escapism, and hope that viewers can transport themselves back to their happy place.

I am a 2008 graduate from UCLA’s Fine Art program and received a degree from Gnomon School of Visual effects in 2015 in Entertainment Design for Digital Production and worked as an animator and pre-visualization artist for film, TV, and theme park rides.